PowerShell Ping Test

Posted by gygon on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Used this little script the other day for a basic network test to an access point I was testing. It just pings the device every 10 seconds (or whatever you set it at) and only outputs when there is an error and the time it occurred. Made for an easy way to leave this running over […]

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Using PowerShell to monitor a web server

Posted by gygon on Monday, November 14th, 2011

A couple years ago I posted about a PowerShell script that would read in a web page. I used that to setup a basic web site test to go through a list of web sites/servers and make sure they were up and running and email an alert if they were down or the size of […]

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Monitoring the Event Log with PowerShell

Posted by gygon on Saturday, March 21st, 2009

One of my goals with learning more about PowerShell is to be able to monitor the event logs on servers and notify me via email when certain events happen. The system I’m looking to monitor are not part of a domain, are in remote locations on isolated networks. Some of the main things I’m looking […]

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Moving to Google Aps…testing

Posted by gygon on Thursday, December 30th, 2010

It’s about time to replace the aging Exchange 2003 box. Rather than running my own system I’ve been looking at making the change over to Google Aps. The main reason for this is to eliminate one more system that I have to deal with as well as eliminate the 3rd party mail filter and just have everything in one. Being frugal I’m looking at the free/standard edition so that means giving up Outlook…the only thing that I’ve been worried about. I set it up the other week as a trial and have been using both just to get a better idea of how it will work and if there’s any issues. Here’s what I’ve found so far…

I like it a lot. The spam filtering works great and after getting used to Labels vs Folders I like it a lot. The interface on my phone and new iPad are great as well. The one thing I’ve run into that I do now and then and need to look into is pasting images into emails. I tend to take snapshots of a report on my screen and email it out to several people. This is no problem in Outlook and it just shows up in the email…not sure I can do that in Gmail without attaching the image…have to look into that one some more.

There’s still a few things I need to test out, like the ScanSnap document scanner I use daily…currently it allows scanning and attaching a PDF directly to an email. Not sure I can set this up to work with Gmail…it would mean having to always save the file, then attach and send an email. Would work but it adds a few steps for something I do a lot.

Another quirk is vieiwing Excel attachments. I get these a lot also…when I use the link to view as HTML in GMail, none of the data shows up so that’s useless. I can view as a Google spreadsheet which works fine except the images/graphs don’t show up. So looks like there’s an extra step there to download then view. Again, not a major issue, just makes things a little slower.

On the plus side, opening Gmail in the browser definitly saves time compared to opening Outlook…usually took a while to open and sync new messages from Exchange so even though I’m losing some time with certain steps, I do gain some just opening mail every day!

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